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Yoga for Endurance Athletes Workshop in July

I will be offering a workshop for endurance athletes on 20 July from 5-7pm at Tranquil Space Arlington (3528 Wilson Blvd Arlington,VA). This workshop will be focused on learning what poses may be beneficial and which are counterproductive at various points in your training cycle. From there we will discuss how to incorporate these modifications into an all levels class so that you can still enjoy your weekly yoga class without worrying about taking a performance hit or developing yoga injuries. Recovery is also a big issue for endurance athletes so we will also discuss how to work recovery methods into your training.

This workshop is open to anyone and all experience levels, but since we will be working with modifications to an all levels class, it would be helpful to take a class or two before this workshop; home practice is perfectly fine, as long as you have a good idea of what it is you usually work on.
Because every sport has different needs, and every athlete has different goals and constraints, when registering please make a note as to what your sport is and what your goals for the next season or two are.
If you can’t make it but this is of interest, let me know and I’ll let you know of upcoming workshops or we can meet in a smaller setting at your convenience.

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