Hiccuping Hoya

Embrace life's hiccups

Goal 1: Learn to SCUBA Dive

I have always loved the water and the feeling of freedom that comes
with being able to float around, twisting around any which way without
gravity reminding you that you aren’t designed to keep your hips over
your shoulders. A goal that I have for the next year is to learn to
SCUBA dive. This would allow me to explore new areas and increased
freedom in the water. I have never done any freediving, so I have
never been able to hang out under water for sustained periods of time.
I have signed up for a SCUBA class in November, and given that I have
a lot of domestic airline credit to use this winter, hopefully I can
escape to the Caribbean or Gulf of Mexico to get my open water dives
in some particularly cold and bleak DC winter weekend.

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