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Yoga for Athletes: Why Practice?

When my training buddies learn that I teach yoga, they almost always ask me to give them a reason that they should practice. They have heard that yoga could help them improve their sport specific performance, yet no one has actually explained why that should happen. There are many reasons but I’ll cover the key […]

Yoga for Endurance Athletes Workshop in July

I will be offering a workshop for endurance athletes on 20 July from 5-7pm at Tranquil Space Arlington (3528 Wilson Blvd Arlington,VA). This workshop will be focused on learning what poses may be beneficial and which are counterproductive at various points in your training cycle. From there we will discuss how to incorporate these modifications […]

My Current Obsession: Supta Virasana (Reclined Hero’s Pose)

For those of you who know my love of binding, twisting, and inverted poses, my latest love will surprise you. I’ve taken to practicing this pose daily, either before practice or just laying in bed: supta virasana. I find that many yoga classes I take focus a lot of the back body: hamstrings, calves, back. […]

Running and Yoga

Now that I’m back to my regular yoga practice, I have noticed some major changes that I have had to make due to running. 1. Replace Warrior One with High LungeI rarely practice warrior one anymore. This used to be a staple of mine; I always practiced it and I always taught long sequences based […]

back to basics: the vinyasa

As most of you have experienced, relationships change with time. When I first began practicing yoga I was focused on developing strength and concentration. Later it became very meditative for me; eventually this became a problem as I tackled thoughts that I preferred to push away rather than deal with. During this period my practice […]

Why Practice Arm Balances?

I would consider myself a risk averse thrill seeker. What this means to me is that I love the thrill of doing something new and apparently dangerous, but only once I am reasonably assured that I have taken some basic precautions. This has attracted me to pursuits such as roller coaster riding, free diving, and […]

Ugh, Not Another Utkatasana

I’ve noticed in both my personal practice and my teaching lately that I have shying away from chair pose (utkatasana).  This is a very common pose and part of the surya B sequence so I encounter it in every class I take and teach.  Utkatasana is sometimes referred to as “victory pose.”  Lately, this pose […]

New Teaching Schedule

After taking a few weeks for vacation, my teaching schedule will be as follows (as of 25 July): Tuesday 6am Sunrise Yoga at Gold’s in BallstonWednesday 645am All Levels Yoga at Tranquil Space ArlingtonSunday 6pm Restorative Yoga at Tranquil Space ArlingtonOne Monday a month (715pm) at BicycleSpace (check either @hiccupingyogi or @bicyclespace for info) I also sub […]

New Yoga Class Schedule (aka come take my class!)

It’s been almost four months since I last posted so I figured it’s time for an update. I recently started teaching a lot more than I was in 2011.  I’ve been teaching a donation based class at BicycleSpace in DC.  It’s a great local bike shop and they’ve been great about getting students to the […]

Awesome Yoga Opportunity

The roof of the House of Sweden is one of the coolest views of DC around.  Plus, free yoga is always a good time 🙂