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My week in Malaysia was probably the most stressful and painful of my whole trip. If I’ve been able to talk with you in person I’m sure you’ve already heard about the beach incident, but I’ll recount the whole week here. I was looking forward to traveling to Malaysia. I had heard great things about […]

Solo Travel

As a solo traveler, I spent a lot of time meeting new people and spending time alone. I discovered that I have a strong need for alone time; I realize that I had been taking care of this need by going riding for hours on the weekends, alone, but traveling alone was definitely a different […]

Making a Mess

I’ve been back in the US for almost six weeks now trying to readjust to the real world. Each of those six weeks had a distinct goal and, looking back, it seems like it was a good way to get back into the swing of things. Considering that I was in Asia for only three […]

Oxygen is for the Weak

Among the many reasons that I decided to take off and travel was my need to find something that truly makes me happy. I was having trouble finding that in DC. I also found myself too focused on what is happening next in my life; great when I started travelling and needed to plan ahead, […]

If You Can Dodge Traffic You Can Dodge a Ball

If Patches O’Houlihan is to believed, ESPN8 “the ocho” ought to start filming dodgeball games in Southeast Asia. No crosswalks, no traffic lights or signs, and sidewalks that exist solely for parking; as of this writing, I have not seen an accident or near miss. The difference seems to come from a recognition by drivers […]

Thanksgiving, Cambodian Style

I’m one of the few Americans who does not particularly enjoy Thanksgiving. I find it stressful, I’m not a huge fan of traditional Thanksgiving foods, and it is placed so close to both Veterans Day and Christmas on the calendar that I think it would be more useful in March or August when you’ve been […]

Scuba weekend

The only hard dates that I had for this trip was 9-23 Dec I had a massage course in Chiang Mai. I had almost three weeks from when I left Bangkok until the start of the course so my original plan was to spend a few days in Phnom Penh, another few days in Siem […]

Bangkok: Not the Hangover

Full disclosure: the Hangover 2 formed almost all of my pre-arrival perception of Bangkok. Thankfully, that was not my experience. I came to Bangkok to eat and get cheap massages. I succeeded on both counts, and was pleasantly surprised by the rest of what Bangkok had to offer. My first full day was spent sightseeing: […]

I’m Totally Not a Shoe Girl But…

I love my FiveFingers.  I think anyone who knows me already knows this, but since I’m travelling and trying to get better about blogging, the world is getting this post. Hiking to Lantau Peak in Hong Kong Reasons FiveFingers are Awesome Travel Shoes: 1. They keep your feet much cooler than sneakers but are much […]

Hong Kong

Cal, the master of promoting all things Cal, wanted to me to clarify that this week in Hong Kong is not actually part of my sabbatical, but rather, my sabbatiCal.  (He’s been letting me crash on his couch so I’m not in a position to deny this request).  Now onto slightly less Cal related things… […]