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Book Review: Marathon Man

One of my goals during my summer break is to read at least one new book every other week. This is my first review. Bay Staters love locals who accomplish great things; they also love their sports heroes. The best example of this is Doug Flutie. If you ever want to start a fight in […]

I’m Totally Not a Shoe Girl But…

I love my FiveFingers.  I think anyone who knows me already knows this, but since I’m travelling and trying to get better about blogging, the world is getting this post. Hiking to Lantau Peak in Hong Kong Reasons FiveFingers are Awesome Travel Shoes: 1. They keep your feet much cooler than sneakers but are much […]

Mean Girls

Mean Girls was on TV tonight.  I haven’t seen it for a few months, which is probably the longest I’ve gone without seeing it since it was released.  Mean Girls is so ridiculous in its caricatures of female subculture, but at the same time, it’s the most relate-able movie I have ever seen.  It is hysterical, nuanced, and brilliantly […]