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Redheads on TV

Patti Stanger, the star of one of my favorite guilty pleasures, Millionaire Matchmaker, has never been shy about the fact that she hates redheads. I recently watched this season’s redhead episode, hoping it would be favorable to redheads.Despite all the girls at the mixer having red hair, very few were real redheads. If the guys […]

Red Head Day

The ginger discussion on Glee got me doing some more research into a festival I read about this past September in Breda in the Netherlands, Roodharigen.  Maybe I’ll check it out next year.  Two of my favorite things: red heads, and bikes.  Any other red heads interested?

Glee Gingers

This week’s episode of Glee was a little slow, but I appreciate the little redhead supremacy rant.  While I think that the words said are true, the tone seemed a bit mocking (as fit in the scene).  It is true that the red head gene (MC1R) will be dormant soon and completely out of the […]