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Sears Tower Fail

The first time I climbed the Sears tower, I wound up not coming home for six months. I hated my job more each day and found it increasingly difficult to get out of bed. I lacked the motivation to pull myself out of this slump, not quite realizing that I didn’t have to do this […]

Yoga for Endurance Athletes Workshop in July

I will be offering a workshop for endurance athletes on 20 July from 5-7pm at Tranquil Space Arlington (3528 Wilson Blvd Arlington,VA). This workshop will be focused on learning what poses may be beneficial and which are counterproductive at various points in your training cycle. From there we will discuss how to incorporate these modifications […]

My Current Obsession: Supta Virasana (Reclined Hero’s Pose)

For those of you who know my love of binding, twisting, and inverted poses, my latest love will surprise you. I’ve taken to practicing this pose daily, either before practice or just laying in bed: supta virasana. I find that many yoga classes I take focus a lot of the back body: hamstrings, calves, back. […]