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Goal 1: Learn to SCUBA Dive

I have always loved the water and the feeling of freedom that comeswith being able to float around, twisting around any which way withoutgravity reminding you that you aren’t designed to keep your hips overyour shoulders. A goal that I have for the next year is to learn toSCUBA dive. This would allow me to […]

Reflections on the Past Year

I figured a good way to get started on my goal setting for the next year is to determine what I have accomplished in the past year. 1. Completed my 200 hour certification to teach yoga.This was a long term goal of mine that I was not expecting to accomplish this year.  I began working […]

Birthday Reflections

As I mentioned in an earlier post, birthdays are my favorite time ofyear to reflect on the past year and set goals for the next. It isalso a great excuse to spend time with friends, who are notnecessarily overburdened as they would be around other holidays. Thispast birthday was fun for me, but sad for […]

Diet Goal Setting

My goal with my recent diet attempt is not so much to lose weight, as to redefine my relationship with my food.  I know that with my current eating habits I have huge swings in energy, I lack motivation to get up and do anything, I have trouble focusing (possibly due to energy fluctuations), and […]

Diet Fail

First fail on my diet whose primary goal was to prove to myself that I could go six days without cookies or sweets. On the morning of day four we had doughnuts at our morning meeting. I was going to say no but it was cold and I wanted just one. One turns to three […]