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Yoga for Athletes: Why Practice?

When my training buddies learn that I teach yoga, they almost always ask me to give them a reason that they should practice. They have heard that yoga could help them improve their sport specific performance, yet no one has actually explained why that should happen. There are many reasons but I’ll cover the key […]

The Importance of Live Mascots

Last week I learned, through the student paper, that JJ is leaving campus this fall. While I only met JJ a few times, I remember┬áthinking that he would make a very good mascot. I love Jack but JJ just has a certain presence that makes you think he was born to be a mascot. Due […]

Book Review: Marathon Man

One of my goals during my summer break is to read at least one new book every other week. This is my first review. Bay Staters love locals who accomplish great things; they also love their sports heroes. The best example of this is Doug Flutie. If you ever want to start a fight in […]

Yoga for Endurance Athletes Workshop in July

I will be offering a workshop for endurance athletes on 20 July from 5-7pm at Tranquil Space Arlington (3528 Wilson Blvd Arlington,VA). This workshop will be focused on learning what poses may be beneficial and which are counterproductive at various points in your training cycle. From there we will discuss how to incorporate these modifications […]

Adjusting to Altitude

Heading to Peru, I was particularly concerned about the altitude. The only time I had ever really spent at altitude was a weekend in Denver while I was already sick. I knew that the primary issue at altitude is lack of oxygen and I had been doing a lot of hypoxic training this spring and […]

Trust Your Gut

As I wrap up my first stint in the corporate world, I’ve been doing a lot of meditating on what my next steps are and what I envision my life to be. When I left for the winter, I could feel myself physically rejecting my job. I was getting sick, lethargic yet had trouble sleeping, […]

My Current Obsession: Supta Virasana (Reclined Hero’s Pose)

For those of you who know my love of binding, twisting, and inverted poses, my latest love will surprise you. I’ve taken to practicing this pose daily, either before practice or just laying in bed: supta virasana. I find that many yoga classes I take focus a lot of the back body: hamstrings, calves, back. […]

Running and Yoga

Now that I’m back to my regular yoga practice, I have noticed some major changes that I have had to make due to running. 1. Replace Warrior One with High LungeI rarely practice warrior one anymore. This used to be a staple of mine; I always practiced it and I always taught long sequences based […]

8 Tips to Become a Better Cyclist

Several of my runner friends recently bought bicycles and are riding more as part of their training. This is the advice I’d offer to anyone getting on a bicycle for the first time in a long time. 1. Get on the bikeWaiting until the weather is nicer or you are in better shape is a […]

The Savings Account that Everyone Needs

via aviaforum.ru Back in 2010, JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater made headlines with his dramatic exit from a twenty year career. This incident came just a few months after I graduated from college and a month after I started my first full time job. It got me thinking about how a person could be driven […]