Hiccuping Hoya

Embrace life's hiccups

About Me

Currently located in San Francisco, I still hold onto my┬áNew England ways. I never turn down ice cream and I value one’s ability to be direct and to the point.

I thrive on adventure and have spent the last decade learning to balance big adventures with explorations in daily life. I spend my work weeks exploring the bay area out in the water and by bike, occasionally taking a long hike up a mountain that is too daunting to ride up. If you need any suggestions for adventures within human-powered distance of San Francisco, let me know!

I named my teaching business Hiccuping Yogi as I suffer from chronic hiccups. It is a harmless tic for me, but has the potential to destroy the life of those suffering from much more serious cases than I do. I treat it as a frequent reminder that sometimes things happen that we can’t control.

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